Presentation Topics

Peter’s most popular presentations are described below. A typical presentation includes a pre-event survey, interactive audience response technology, and multimedia components. Presentations typically last 90 minutes, though longer workshop sessions (half-day to full-day) are available.

You can also contact Peter to discuss additional topics.

What is Leadership?

Over 300 definitions of leadership exist, yet many leaders and coaches discuss the attributes of good leadership rather than its essential core. Peter’s powerful leadership model explores the nature of leadership, tuning leaders to the real definition of leadership and providing a road map for leadership in all walks of life.

The Moral Fox

Real greatness is built on goodness. This presentation teaches leaders to return to the real good and achieve success through moral excellence. Peter uses Aesop’s fable “The Fox and the Hedgehog” as a metaphor for the proper tuning and tensions within a leader’s soul. Discover the four tenets of ethics and the connections between conscience, choice, conduct and character in practicing ethical leadership.

Getting it Right and Getting Along

Building teams that properly harmonize the priorities of Getting it Right and Getting Along is the fundamental challenge of leadership. Learn the optimal practice of these two priorities along the Efficient Frontier for a healthy alignment of priorities and team effectiveness.

Trust Traps

Trust Traps indicate an improper extension of trust, which is revealed when broken promises and moral injuries occur. Trust Traps often cause deep skepticism and damage collegial relationships that require healthy trust for the organization to run smoothly. This presentation provides techniques for building healthy trust, avoiding trust traps, sustaining authentic trust, and repairing broken trust among colleagues.

Building A-Teams

Leaders frequently face a talent paradox: Talent is the most important driver of organizational performance, yet talent alone is insufficient for an organization to flourish. The real secret to outperforming the competition is building a more effective and ethical team. Learn how to unify your team and activate their full professional potential to increase your organization’s performance.

The 5 "I"s of an A-Player

Why does the performance of two equally capable employees differ? Explore the critical ingredients required for success in any professional setting: the 5 "I"s of an A-Player. Participants discover the self-imposed obstacles that limit their growth and success as professionals through this challenging and insightful presentation.